Réseaux AHO

The African Health Observatory serves as a platform for networking, collaborative work and learning within and between groups, communities of practice, institutions, and national health observatories for:

  •  translation and application of evidence and knowledge;
  •  collaborative learning and innovation to improve and sustain human and institutional capacity for the generation, sharing and use of information, evidence and knowledge;
  •  promotion and support of strengthening of data sources, including vital registration;
  •  facilitation of the efficient and effective application of information and communications technology for improved health information systems.
Networks and communities could exist and function at the Regional, sub-regional or country level to work towards achieving the objectives stated above.

A core network of AHO working groups currently exists with membership from the Regional and Inter-Country Offices of WHO to promote, facilitate, and coordinate the technical inputs to AHO in the areas of health systems, communicable diseases including AIDS, TB, malaria, neglected tropical diseases; family and reproductive health (including maternal, newborn, and child health); key determinants (including food and nutrition; social determinants for health; environmental health); and, disasters and emergencies.

These working groups: produce Regional and region profiles in their specific areas, generate high-quality publications, promote and maintain the relevant datasets in the integrated database and aim to create and support networks and communities of practice in line with the core functions and mandates of WHO.