Cameroon Health Data Collaborative

Cameroon has launched the Cameroon Health Data collaborative (CHDC) in December 2016. This platform
is aligned to the Health Data Collaborative (HDC) at the Global level for which WHO host the Secretariat.
The HDC was launch after the Summit on Measurement and Accountability for Results in Health in June
2015, over 600 global health leaders, decision-makers, thought leaders and implementers from over 60
countries representing development partners, partner country governments, and civil society endorsed the
Health Measurement and Accountability Post-2015 Roadmap and Five-Point Call to Action. The main
objective of the platform is to lead countries to improve their data systems in order to produce accurate
and reliable data for action. The data systems improvement should be coordinated with various partners
in the alignment of vision and investments.
CHDC was setup to enhance data collaboration within health actors and partners’ in Cameroon to stop
duplication, to promote resources and vision alignment, to improve data quality, to disseminate global
public goods. Over the past eighteen months, The Ministry of health and partners have been fully
involved in the platform and contributed in main achievements such as:

- Reference list of 100 Core Health Indicators adopted in Cameroon and published in 2017
- National Data Quality Review (Desk Review) adapted and published in 2017
- Data Quality Review (Desk Review) training with stakeholders
- Mapping of NHIS Investments, report available
- Different trainings/presentations on : Health indicators, Health SDGs, Ongoing Service Delivery
Indicators –Health Facility Assessment (SDI-HFA) Survey
- Thematic Working groups adopted : (a) Harmonization and standardization of indicators and tools, (b) Data collection process and quality assurance, (c) Analysis, use and sharing of data, (d)Development of the NHIS